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Reed Diffuser

Scent Notes:

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Fragrances that are free of phthalates.

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How To Use

1. To use your reed diffuser, start by unscrewing the gold cap and removing the plastic stopper. Put the gold cap back on the bottle.

2. Take the bundle of reeds and carefully insert them into the bottle with the fragrance oil. Allow the reeds to soak in the oil for about 15 minutes.

3. After 15 minutes, carefully flip the reed sticks to expose the soaked ends. This helps to saturate the reeds and enhance the diffusion of the fragrance.

4. Choose a stable surface and place the reed diffuser on it. Ensure that it is away from drafts and vents, as these can affect the diffusion of the fragrance.

TIP: Repeat step #3 as many times as needed to achieve a stronger scent flow. If you prefer a stronger fragrance, use more reed sticks. For a more subtle scent, use fewer sticks. You can experiment with the number of sticks based on your personal preference and the size of the room.

Care Instructions

Fragrance and essential oils can react negatively with certain plastics.

Please promptly clean any spilled or splashed oil on any surfaces to prevent the risk of any damage or corrosion to plastic surfaces.

Please understand that when purchasing this product, we are not liable for any damages caused by spillage that may occur.

Please use the product as directed.

Elevate the ambiance in any room in your home with our 4 oz reed diffusers that are available in a range of fragrances that will give every space a long-lasting scent. Each reed diffuser will come with a stopper to ensure it is safe to ship.

Please note that all orders with reed diffusers will ship after November 30th due to a shipment delay. 

Customer Reviews

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Denise Aiden
My house smells amazing

I was beyond stoked to see that my favourite candle company started selling reed diffusers. I’ve wanted one forever but couldn’t find a scent I liked from big box stores. As soon as I saw that this came in Silvermere..I was sold! Smells divine!!!

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